Dissecting the Different Radio Parts

radio partsRadio equipment has been integral part of the communication process of the society. This is mainly used to transmit, disseminate and communicate information in different parts of the world. People who always use the radio will certainly appreciate knowing the different radio parts that makes this useful device functional. Knowing the parts enables them to understand radio’s potential benefits and risks better.

Aside from power, frequency is what makes radio operational. Radios use continuous sine waves in order to broadcast information to other radios. Continuous sine waves are preferred since most people nowadays need to use different radio waves in their daily lives. Although data is transmitted through radio waves, each type of data is distinguished from each other through the radio frequency. Different radio frequencies are assigned to FM and AM radio, satellite TV, GPS navigation, cell phone, government radios and TV broadcasts. The parts of the radio are designed to let users transmit, convert and receive radio signals in their own device.

There are two main parts of the basic radio set: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter serves as the input mode of the radio. The transmitter catches whatever information (such as music or voice) the user wants to send or broadcast to other radio users. There is a processor in the radio which converts this raw information into radio signals (i.e. sine waves) that can be transmitted over the radio frequency network.

Once the encoded radio signals are sent out in the atmosphere, the radio of the intended user utilizes its receiver in order to catch the information. Transmitting and receiving radios should operate at the same frequency in order to convey and receive the same message. Once the receiver picks up the radio signal, the processor in the radio decodes this and converts it to its original format.

Aside the transmitter and receiver, there are also other parts of the radio that are worth considering. This includes antenna, diode, coil and speaker. The antenna can be easily noticed since this is typically the most protruded portion of the radio. The antenna is responsible for gathering radio signals travelling in the atmosphere. The antenna picks up both the audible and inaudible signals floating in the air. Usually, the inaudible radio signals that the antenna picks up can be minimized by the diode.

The diode acts as the radio’s switch. The diode ensures that the electron flow in one direction only by blocking the opposing electrons when it is turned on. The diode ensures that only the significantly distinct portion of the radio signal is transmitted to the user’s ears. Prior to the development of electronics, diodes are made up of tiny lead crystals. These crystal radios are still operated nowadays by radio hobbyists.

Since there are different radio signal frequencies that transmit over the air waves, individuals can use the coil to choose which particular radio signal to tune in. The coil also helps in blocking other frequencies that rambles the clarity of the signal being received by the radio. Choosing the frequency helps the user have control in which radio stations to listen to.

Considerably, one of the most important parts of the radio is the speaker. After passing through the antenna and diode, the conversion processor in the radio tries to exactly mimic the sound waves from the original transmission and then sends it to the speaker. The speaker is very important since this generates the verbal message that the radio user can understand. If this is broken, the user will not understand any of the messages even if the device receives the radio signals. The speaker can also be in form of an earphone. Recent advancements in radio technology now allow faster and real time sound transmission and receipt.

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